Prof. Dr. Gerhard Blechinger

“All mankind is born alike, but it is the education they receive which distinguishes them”. To these words of the philosopher Confucius we add that education, the knowledge of each other, brings people together.

The Salzburg Urstein Institut renders the knowledge of Europe and conveys competences that are required in this globalised world of ours. We all talk about economy but in the end it is always people that exchange ideas and negotiate. We want to achieve a thorough understanding of Europe so that you may contribute actively to internationalisation.

The power of innovation of the last 800 years is the source of Europe ́s strength. The dynamics of the second world are based on this European culture. The Salzburg Urstein Institut imparts the skill to live this innovative culture and master future challenges with it.

Be the engine of your future. Study at Salzburg Urstein Institut.

Dipl.-Päd. Veronika Gmachl Abdul, BEd,MBA

The world is one big village, and it is our responsibility to prepare ourselves and future generations to cross cultural boundaries actively in order to understand, experience and make use of what we can learn from each other.

With the founding of our Institutions in Salzburg and Berlin, we try to approach this topic from a European perspective, leaving the culturally engrained European path of exclusiveness, in order to pass on the knowledge and skills necessary for future success. We also leave the path of separation between academics and business Europe has had a tendency of walking on for a while, reconnecting the value chain of innovation at its most difficult interface.

Understanding the idea of the individual at its core and each of our positions in the setup of societies, cultures and humanity itself, our least common denominator remains the responsibility we have for each other, our children and our surroundings.

At the end of the day, it is the biggest success to have achieved something on the basis of responsible, conscious actions.