Our mission is not limited to the field of higher education. We provide services and advice for individuals, companies and institutions across industries and cultures. We are convinced that in a globalised world we must enable communication across all boundaries – be they cultural, technical or functional – and we must sharpen skills in development, innovation and research at all levels.

European Excellence

One of the great achievements of European culture is the creation of luxury – the development of products and services that not only fulfil their purpose but express perfection. What holds for cars, watches and concerts also applies to education and research. In this sense, we are truly a luxury institute.

We strive to promote

– the transmission of knowledge
– the evolution of skillsets for sustainable systematic innovation
– the entrepreneurship and curiosity needed to ask and answer the right questions.

We enable these through higher and continuing education, fundamental and applied research, start-up support and consulting.


Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.Goethe

The Salzburg Urstein Institut delivers today’s competencies for tomorrow’s success. Being always curious, offering continuous feedback to the pulse of new developments, flexibly responding to new trends based on our extensive networks – these prepare us to apply to our students the principles we teach.