Engineering Thinking

Our mission is to provide professional services and advice to individuals, companies and institutions across industries and cultures. We seek to generate excellence in advanced education, research, industry and the professions – by enhancing your professional career. Exploiting learnings from the historical creation of luxury, we seek to engineer future thinking. In a globalised world we must enable communication across boundaries – be they cultural, technical or functional – and we must sharpen skills in innovation, development and research.

European Excellence

European culture is supreme in its creation of luxury for the expression of perfection. What holds for Europe’s cars, watches and concerts – its businesses, products and services – holds for Salzburg Urstein Institut, in its pursuit of education, innovation and research. We are truly a Luxury Institute.

Our consulting and training services promote:

  • the transmission of knowledge
  • the evolution of skillsets for systematic and sustainable innovation
  • the curiosity and entrepreneurial skills needed to ask and answer the right questions.

Always curious, we are the ear to the pulse of new developments, responding to trends and analysing their potential. We deliver today’s competencies for tomorrow’s success. Based on extensive networks that offer continuous feedback, we apply a core teaching principle: systematic innovation.

Our programmes and courses observe the world through specific lenses that disseminate systematic innovation, at the heart of which is the transmission of targeted knowledge and skills needed for success in a volatile world.

In a globalised world we enable communication across boundaries, be they cultural, technical or functional. We sharpen skills in fundamental and applied research, in development and innovation at all levels – affirming surprising new combinations within the ambit of time-tested concepts.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.Goethe