Our team brings together a host of professionals from diverse fields who want to share, with you, their passion for interdisciplinary exchange. This formidable grouping of experts – from medicine, management theory, neuroscience, television and film production, linguistics, media and communication design, philosophy and cultural theory, policy advising, climate impact research and many more – will be your teachers and mentors. Not only spruiking the institute´s unique industrial, scientific, media, environmental, cultural, political and research networks, our dedicated staff work to ensure the highest quality and diversity in your student experience.

Our Faculty

“Creating precise new products, services and business models with added value is no coincidence. We have tested the methodology and pattern of innovation success many times. Designing accurate anew can be trained, we do it”

Dipl.-Des. Oliver Gerstheimer

Digital Evangelist, Design Thinker & Actor

“Innovation comes from the producer - not from the customer." - W. Edwards Deming”

“The history of the European car is the story of speed, adventure and luxury. This story is included in every Porsche and we enjoy it even more, the more we know about it”

Dr. phil. Dipl.-Des. Rainer Gabriel

Researcher in Culture and Neurophysiology

“The development of the digital is not only temporarily, but leads to permanent changes in society! Like my 10 year old nephew asked my father in 2012: "Grandpa, back in times you had no computer. How did you actually go on the internet?”

Dr. phil. Annette Doms

Art Historian & Digital Media Evangelist

“Europe's cultural heritage is the blueprint for economic and political success. We are looking into the history to reinvent the future”

Prof. Dr. habil. Heiner Mühlmann

Head of Studies on the Culture of Europe

“We all sense that our environment is changing. We are not merely talking about the possibility of global warming. Therefore, we are obliged to develop practical solutions to help us deal with the consequences of climate change and guarantee a secure future for humanity.”

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kropp

Head of Environmental Management and Sustainability

“Innovation is the key to prosperity and thus peace for tomorrow. We are committed to our vision of a better world, in which technology facilitates the future of humans”

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Müller

Founding President

“Start with the self. It is the first place to grow change.”

Dr. Thomas Kurz

Intercultural Trainer

“My expertise in the worldwide gaming market, will be one of my contributions, when talking about innovation, business development and intercultural negotiations.”

Georg Broxtermann

Business Development Director and Co-founder

“Training in rhetorics is one of the keys to success. Learning to perform well, to counterpart and how to read audiences lead to effective communication and serve as techniques to transport your message.We teach high-performance-communication.”

Paul Kenig, MA

Rhetoric Trainer

“Individual performance grows through inspiration and practice. Exercise is key to becoming the successful business partner you want to be. I will be your personal coach.”

Peter Arp

Director and Coach

“The digital age has dissolved the boundaries of media markets on a global scale. Continuously evolving communication technologies and the corresponding changes in media usage and media impact create entirely new conditions for the management world”

Prof. Dr. Lothar Mikos

Head of Media Innovation Management

“I look forward to developing the student’s competency in the cross cultural media landscape. Graduates will be well versed in European communication standards and skilled in integrating this knowledge into existing and emerging global enterprises”

Prof. Dr. Lawrence Wallen

Head of Applied Media

“Culture means differentiation. To make a difference you must decide and this decision is an act of sovereignty. Talking about European luxury is talking about this sovereignty. It´s a way to make the difference.”

Dipl. Des. Gesine Gold

Luxury Brand Strategist & Communication Designer

“European architects have often been invited to China to create new and unique buildings. Advanced Building Technology and high-tech engineering are the essence of European innovation. Join us and learn how to be part of innovation and progress!”

“The future of the media is our future. We need to know which content is relevant to our customers - and in which context we address our audience. We have to know which media have a real impact and what our customers perceive. If content is king, context is the queen.”

Dr. Harald Henzler

Entrepreneur and Digital Media Expert

“We transmit the essential foundations of our legal system. Good ideas must be defended and the idea that fits into our legal system from the outset is the better one. Creativity means to know the rules and to apply them for his or her ideas”

Boris Hofmann

Lawyer, Expert in Banking and Capital Markets

“Today’s dynamic art market is one of the most interesting investment areas. A profound understanding of art and knowledge of the market are the decisive factors for a successful investment. Collecting art is wealth management.”

Dr. Stefan Weixler

Journalist, Editor

“Innovation through technology and its brokering across markets will be a major driver in determining our future. Lets see what it may bring”

Dr. Andreas Binder

A technology addict and keen aviator

“Friederike Korte is a future scientist and an expert in agile working methods. She is an experienced coach in Design Thinking and has worked in various sectors like mobility, manufacturing and the public sector. She focuses on how we want to work and live in the future.”

Friederike Korte

Future scientist and expert in agile working methods

“It’s not the business models or services that are disruptive but the minds behind them; the true human creativity is what drives innovation and therefore our most important asset. – Seda Röder”

Seda Röder

Musician, Entrepreneur & Creativity Advocate

Our Speakers

“During the course of my life, I had many great opportunities and on their basis, I could accumulate quite some knowledge. Supporting the international youth at Salzburg Urstein Institut by passing on my experiences is a great pleasure to me.”

Dkfm. Dr. Claus J. Raidl

President, National Bank of Austria

“The Salzburg Urstein Institut has my full support, because it shares knowledge and competencies with the world, serving as a messenger for understanding and cooperation. I look forward to imparting my personal experience to SUI students.”

Dr. Johannes Hahn

Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations

“Porsche is by far one of the most powerful brands worldwide. The key factors for that are perfomance, quality and history. What is true for an brand is true for an individual. Perfom as you would be a brand and you will be successful as a powerful brand”

Leopold Fellinger

Head of Digital Interaction Management

“As an experienced media manager it is a real pleasure for me to be involved in the Salzburg Urstein Institut. My contribution to this unique project is to inspire young innovators from China with our idea of media and media creation.”

Martin Blank

Media Manager

“The Salzburg Urstein Institut is one of the most important initiatives for a better mutual understanding between cultures in Europe and Asia. Learning from each other is the best preparation for doing business and it is the best way of foreign policy.”

“Brain Research makes us understand cultures better. We find effective training methods to enhance every student's performance. Brain Research is a method of excellence for creating excellent creators in future business.”

Dr. Nico Pezer

Researcher in Culture and Neuroscience

“Berlin was not built in one day and neither was Beijing. To understand what is happening today we must have a look at trends that last for longer than the moment. We are talking about trends that evolve over centuries”

“In the global lifeworld with boundless communication, where dialogical tolerance and understanding of other culturally grown forms and standards of communication is a requirement for a promising cooperation”

Dr. Margarete Mehdorn

Intercultural Trainer and Lecturer

“To address the increased complexity of global business international managers need a new toolbox of Eastern and Western management constructs aiding the process of cross-fertilization of insights into important business phenomena across cultures.”

Barbara Scharrer

Strategy Advisor, Attorney, Supervisor, University Lecturer

“The Salzburg Urstein Institut puts some of the most important issues of our time in the centre of its education: a thorough understanding of our European heritage, the growing influence of our media landscape and fostering environmental and sustainable management skills”

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Anzengruber

Chairman of the Managing Board of VERBUND AG

“Innovation needs readiness for conservation and upheavals. The musical oeuvre of great european composers shows, that political with artistic revolutions repeatedly are correlating. Their fundament: The Age of Enlightenment. Therefrom I like to tell”

Mag. Oliver Binder

Freelance dramaturg (dramatic advisor) and author, living in Vienna

“The future success of companies will depend on recruiting the best employees and then retaining them! Staying abreast of trends in the workplace is also of crucial importance. I look forward to discussing these topics with the students of the Salzburg Urstein Institut.”

Mag. Klaus Fetka

HR Management Porsche Inter Auto

“When in Rome, do it as the Romans do" In a globalized world it becomes even more important to understand the cultural perspectives of why, how and what; understanding & adopting to local circumstances is key for successful interaction.”

Christoph Wandt

Intercultural Brand Experience Marketing

“Art drives innovation. A culture without musicians and artists will fail to be innovative, because art inspires the creativity and ingenuity of engineers and entrepreneurs. Thus studying art means studying innovation.”

Dr. Matthias Röder

Managing Director of the Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute

“The world is one big village. To make use of what we can learn from each other, it is our responsibility to prepare ourselves & future generations to cross cultural boundaries. After all, the biggest achievements are based on conscious actions.”

Gmachl-Abdul, BEd, MBA

Founder & Managing Director

“The future of exponential technologies lies in creating meaning for society, brands and entrepreneurs.”

Harald Neidhardt

CEO & Curator of the future/io Institute