Bring your company and career to the next level

Professionals and Organisations: gain precise new skills and grow your networks – while discovering key aspects of European business and culture.

Our Academic Courses offer targeted knowledge to bring on the next step in your career or business plan.

Choose from our cutting-edge suite of courses. Focus in-depth on your chosen topic.

Experience the best of Europe for a few intensive days – without disruption to your ongoing agenda.

Salzburg Urstein Institut will:

- Design and deliver training to meet the needs of your HR Department.

- Up-skill your upcoming and established staff to meet your organisation’s next challenge.

- Tailor courses for a professional group or staff team of your choice.

Questions & Answers

Here are the most commonly asked questions, which help you gather the information you need to study in Berlin or Salzburg.



What course types are offered?

The following types of courses are offered:
  •  Lectures (LECT): theoretical-scientific, methodological and technical knowledge are conveyed.
  • Exercises (EXER): deepens acquired knowledge and applies them in theory.
  • Seminar (S): group lessons for joint development of a theoretical, academic and/or methodological and/or practical group themes. The active participation of students, play an essential role in seminars.
  • Project (PROJ): independent realisation of scientific or practical projects.
  • Colloquium (COL): scientific or artistic-practical group discourses with scientific or methodological and artistic will be developed.

Is the Salzburg Urstein Institut only located in Salzburg?


We operate on two campuses; one is located in Berlin and the other in Salzburg.


Admissions Information

A. In order to provide excellent service and the best speakers, we plan well ahead in time. Ideally you will apply for an Academic Module at least six months ahead of time - so we can make sure you arrive well prepared. To find out about our current module application openings and entry requirements, please click here. To book a module, please make an inquiry here with the module(s) of your choice and we will get in touch with you. For further questions, please contact our Academic Module Office.
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