Gathering a network of specialists from diverse fields, we offer a collaborative European setting for learning and research. Our mission does not end at the classroom door though… Our academic modules make it easy to access the targeted knowledge you need for a successful career - without affecting your current job.

Study at your own convenience

Do you wish to tackle our master programmes but can’t put your career on hold for 18 months? Book our modules one by one, and spend just two to five weeks in Europe at a time. Companies can benefit too. Send your HR staff for in-depth experience on a topic of your choice.

Learning does not end at the classroom door

Once you leave the lecture hall, special events await you. Visit companies and relevant sites, network with specialists and conclude with a certificate in your hand. We make sure you get the necessary insights to apply the knowledge and grow your network.

Link to our Cultural Practice Programme and visit the significant sights, institutions and companies you were presented with during the course.

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