Gathering a network of specialists from diverse fields, Salzburg Urstein Institut offers targeted learning and research in a collaborative European setting.

Our Academic Courses make it easy to access the targeted knowledge you need for the next step in your career or business plan – without disruption to your ongoing agenda.

Study at your convenience

Book our courses one by one, and target your time with us in Europe. Choose training courses to meet the needs of your HR Department. Whether with upcoming or established staff members, choose targeted courses to meet your next vocational or organisational challenge. Let our experts tailor-make a course for your professional group or team.

Learning does not end at the classroom door

Once you leave the seminar room, special events await you… Visit companies and significant sites, views current trends at close range, network with specialists, test-run specific skill applications – and conclude with a certificate in your hand.

With Salzburg Urstein Institut – get the right practical insights to apply knowledge and grow your network.

Link to our Cultural Practice Programme and visit the significant sights, institutions and companies you were presented with during the course.

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