Both Berlin and Salzburg offer high-end and stress-free learning environments. Unlike at big universities, you join an exclusive community that personally supports its members, catering at all times to individual needs.

Create the Future Elite

We want your time of study to be a unique and life-changing experience. Working in small groups lets you get close to your fellows – the best milieu for building life-long international friendships and forging the global networks of a future elite.

More than Books and Lectures

Student life is more than books and lectures; we pride ourselves on forging well-rounded graduates. Our campus offers diverse extra-curricular activities and courses that step beyond disciplinary knowledge

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Make a Différance1

On a practical level beyond the academic frame, beyond learning German and improving English, you will move to express and understand a particular European vision of the world. Beyond deep exposure to rhetorical and body language skills, our Cultural Practice Programme will change the way you think. You will become a valued expert who can operate at international levels. Not just a specialist in your field, you will be a mediator – building bridges between cultures. As Jacques Derrida said: Make a différance.
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Get access to European companies

To ensure you get a foothold in the European job market, we work in close contact with a big range of successful companies. Field trips let you explore German innovative technology at first hand, and the best of these companies offer internships to the best students.
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