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Our Learning by Travelling modules let you explore Europe to the full: eight to twelve days of company visits, special events, significant sites. Get to know the many facets of European culture and its advocates. Personally meet some of the key players in their fields

Questions & Answers

Here are the most commonly asked questions, which help you gather the information you need to study in Berlin or Salzburg.



Booking information

A. In order to provide excellent service and the best speakers, we plan well ahead in time. Ideally you will let us know your choice of programme six months ahead of time - so we can arrange distinguished lecturers and set up the programme. Of course, we can do our best to make things possible more spontaneously! To book a module, please make an inquiry here with the module(s) of your choice and we will get in touch with you. For further questions, please contact our Learning by Travelling Office.

Duration of the Module

A. Our Learning by Travelling modules are embedded into a 8 to 12 day journey to Europe.

How much does a Learning by Travelling module cost?

A. The cost is individually calculated and includes full service upon arrival. For further information, please click here and make an inquiry for the module(s) of your choice or send us an e-mail.

Structure of the Module

A. Our Learning by Travelling modules are structured for your maximum learning outcome. The first 4 days will consist of intensive learning, followed by company visits, attending events and travelling to relevant sights, such as allowing you to explore Europe to the fullest.

Which certificate can I receive?

A.  You can be awarded with a certificate of attendance.
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