Gesine Gold (born 1969) is a renowned, award-winning qualified communication designer and luxus brand strategist.

1989 – 1995 she studied communication design in Essen at the Folkwang University of the Arts, which emerged from the Folkwang School of Design founded in 1928. Important teachers and the wide range of interdisciplinary artistic, scientific and practical training were the reasons for Gesine Gold’s choosing the Folkwang University. She studied design theory, art history, media philosophy, typography, advertising, graphic design and photography. Among others, her lecturers included the design theorist Herrmann storm, the dean Paul Schüllner, trend researcher Peter Wippermann, media philosopher Norbert Bolz, advertising expert Coordt of Mannstein, drawing professor Otto Näscher, the photographer Inge Osswald and typographer Volker Küster.

In her thesis Gesine dealt with the topic of communication for museums and developed a CI strategy for the children’s museum integrated in the Lehmbruck Museum of Modern Sculpture, which addressed a holistic appearance, products, campaigns and exhibition designs. With this work, she completed her studies with the highest honour, a first degree. Her professor, trend researcher Peter Wippermann, encouraged her to move to Hamburg. After living abroad, she worked as creative director in a number of branding agencies.

The luxury brand strategist has over 19 years of international design and management experience and has made a name for herself developing individual brands with her strategy expertise and pioneering designs. Her clients include companies in the luxury goods sector, traditional companies, quality goods manufacturers and cultural institutions.

Before focusing on luxury brands, Gesine Gold won the pitch for a holistic strategic relaunch of Airport Münster Osnabrück in 1999. Over a period of several years, she developed a new international airport brand covering the fields of corporate identity, corporate design and corporate architecture and led the design realisation process. She established a radical Zen strategy for the airport’s holistic redesign for which she received the IF Design Award in Silver for innovation in 2003.

From 2004, Gesine Gold started to conceptually specialise in the luxury and premium segment of brand development. Starting with the branding project Bückeburg Palace, Gesine Gold was commissioned by Alexander Fürst zu Schaumburg-Lippe to develop a brand for the Bückeburg Palace and Prince Schaumburg. The palace is the headquarters of the House of Schaumburg-Lippe. In dealing with the values of tradition & modernity, innovation, culture, excellence and selection, subtle design enhancement of the princely lifestyle was applied to the brand. The brand development for Bückeburg Palace continues to this day.

The establishment of the Society “Friends of Good Taste” (German initials: fdgg) then followed. In the spirit of the salon culture of the 18th/19th century GESINE GOLD/fdgg organized a > Salon Privé of the 21st Century < for selected members of an exclusive circle of friends: “Friends of Good Taste”, to discuss and exchange their ideas on style-defining thought and their philosophies on this matter. The meetings are accompanied by lectures and readings by selected personalities from private and public life, ladies and gentlemen of society and of intellectual relevance. As a hub for new ideas and strategic alliances, a limited number of various participants, who practise a variety of sophisticated lifestyles are invited to exchange ideas and converse on thoughts about discerning style in private houses in Hamburg at irregular intervals. The prerequisites comprise a common core of values and ideas: “attitude, morale & ethics “, an exchange of intellect, wit, style, creativity, vision and inspiration. A new culture of excellence for the 21st century. “Sociability as an art form: The conversation itself is the art form of the salon, the art of socializing.”

In 2012 as managing partner she founded Gold Gesine Branding GmbH, an owner-managed branding agency in Hamburg, which specializes in brand development in the international luxury segment. The branding agency works with its own distinct branding model “Excellence in Branding” and creates brand personalities which radiate brilliance throughout the market. These iconic brands are authentic, believable and relevant. Brands are created in people’s minds, but can only be credible when they touch people’s hearts. Basing her approach on emotional intelligence and analytical thinking, Gesine Gold develops exceptional, visionary, radical ideas and design excellence for her clients. A key to the positioning of her clients in their markets is her strategic approach: “The Luxury Strategy”. In close cooperation with clients, distinctive brand “worlds” are created with an international profile. The results are excellent solutions and results at the highest strategic and artistic level. In addition to its own staff, the agency has a wide range of professionals from the FDGG Group and a production office with 15 employees at its disposal. The approach of the branding agency is holistic, providing a broad range of creative expertise spanning analysis, vision creation, strategy, the brand creation process, right up to the total implementation of the brand in print, digital, architecture and media.

Since 1996, Gesine Gold has, among other projects and adjacent to the on-going conception and implementation of branding for Bückeburg Palace, developed comprehensive relaunches of the luxury brands Iris von Arnim and Bethge Hamburg and created the corporate design of the York Prinz zu Schaumburg Lippe brand, branding for the Basthorst estate of Baron Enno von Ruffin, packaging design for the premium Japanese green tea brand Keiko and branding for an innovative premium medical brand > Nutrition Bionic design <. For the re-branding of Mercedes Benz she was Creative Director, Head of Design at the “Club der Besten” for the development of the Hamburg Olympic nomination campaign and designed the Bauer Verlag media price > Die Goldene Feder < (The Golden Fountain Pen). She has proven brand expertise experience in the upmarket hospitality sector, covering the branding of the Weltbühne at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, the Bar Hamburg, Ben, Au Quai and the Schauermann. Gesine Gold has also worked for Jagdfeld Design, Rena Lange, Jette Joop, Otto Kern and Andre Borchers.

She is currently working with her team developing the rebranding of the Hamburger Kammerspiele, a jewellery brand, a premium Swiss cosmetics range, a luxury spa location at Ballindamm Hamburg, a haute couture brand and on a brand development project for the Bentley Owners’ Club.

Gesine Gold lives and works in Hamburg.