Integral to all modules, and optional for our Master students – the Cultural Practice Programme throws open the door to European culture. Classic elements – Goethe, Mozart, Wagner, Picasso – belong to the programme as much as current sites of advanced technology – without forgetting some of Europe’s many hidden champions.

Here you will find company visits, language courses, cooking and skiing classes, courses in trend sports, study tours, visits to concerts and exhibitions, speed and skills driver training… and so many more.

Take the Fast Track

Combining high-quality education and immersion in a new culture – this defines our non-mandatory Cultural Practice Programme. No textbook can teach a global mind-set, nor can it build cultural empathy. Knowing European culture by experience enriches both your personality and employment prospects at home and abroad. We want you to grasp this innovative culture in its fullness. That‘s why we link curricular theory with first-hand lessons in cultural skills.

Education is transmission. It starts with language – and goes way beyond Beethoven´s Opus 28 or the manufacturing process of the Porsche 911. Knowledge is the basis, but we need to apply and to handle it. It‘s not enough to know the design of a Porsche 911 inside out, we need to know how to drive it. In a word, take the fast track. With us, you can acquire a racing license at Salzburgring!

Get Involved

Gain insights into things European: cuisine, art, music… Get a certificate in cooking or skiing… Put it on your CV. Thriving cultural life plus a wide range of sports (diving, climbing – you name it) guarantee you an energetic and enriching campus life.

Get Around

Life on campus also means far-flung activities: visits to soccer games in Munich, skiing in Dachstein, kite surfing on the lake Mondsee, visits to Berlin’s famous markets and so many more. We make sure you get to travel to Europe’s other countries, that you get the essence of its cultural and ethnic diversity.