Learn, remember, discuss, apply and experience.

Our curriculum is born of long experience in the business and academic worlds, and from a network of specialists in all fields. Design thinking – what we call systematic innovation – is integral to our curriculum creation, and we expound it in our lecture halls.

According to systematic innovation, not all we do is new; we also rely on old strategies for success. For example: ancient rhetorical techniques create a mnemo-system for our students to memorise the optimum amount of content. Turning this into a gamification scenario according to architecture theory, neuro-science and modern evolutionary biology – students get to apply ancient technology in the 21st century.

Integrating internships into our curriculum is proof positive that Salzburg Urstein Institut programmes are conceived with usability in mind. The Institut arranges these internships with numerous cooperating companies in Austria, Germany and beyond. For more information on our partnerships, visit our blog.

Thrive away from home

We know the pitfalls for international students on a campus far from home. No textbook can teach a global mind-set, nor can it build cultural empathy. For our Master students, supporting their Academic and Learning by Travelling Modules, our Cultural Practice Programme opens the door to the culture of Europe, that is, the door to the experience of learned content.