Insights, Everything, Academics / November 21, 2016 /

Last week we have seen how the European rhetoricians followed the E.N.A.P. principle and thus guaranteed the presentation to be a convincing, captivating and memorable experience. Today, in our final Mnemonics blog of this multi-blog series we will focus on…

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Everything, Academics / November 14, 2016 /

Last week, we have introduced to you the structure of study E.N.A.P and the art of learning. Today we will continue with E.N.A.P. – the art of speaking and see how European rhetoricians followed a specific structural with a general guideline…

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Everything, Academics, Experience / November 2, 2016 /

Last week, we could underpin Quintilian’s remark on the exceptional reliability of our spatial and episodic memory with the insights of neuroscience as well as understand why a lived architectural surrounding is thus ideally suited for being employed in the methodical…

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Insights, News, Events, Everything / October 31, 2016 /

Salzburg Urstein Institut’s participation at China’s most important international higher education fair, the China Education Expo (CEE), was again very successful. Well received A large number of motivated Chinese postgraduate applicants from different provinces as well as well-informed parents visited…

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Everything, Academics, Experience / October 31, 2016 /

Last week we’ve introduced Simonides’ Method of Loci as well as established how to train memory after Cicero’s method. Today, with the aid of neuroscience we will try and have a further look at Quintilian’s remark on the exceptional reliability…

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