Everything, Academics, Experience / November 2, 2016 /

Last week, we could underpin Quintilian’s remark on the exceptional reliability of our spatial and episodic memory with the insights of neuroscience as well as understand why a lived architectural surrounding is thus ideally suited for being employed in the methodical…

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Everything, Academics, Experience / October 31, 2016 /

Last week we’ve introduced Simonides’ Method of Loci as well as established how to train memory after Cicero’s method. Today, with the aid of neuroscience we will try and have a further look at Quintilian’s remark on the exceptional reliability…

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Everything, Academics, Experience / October 17, 2016 /

Last week we introduced our Mnemocity with a focus on our first walk through the city of Salzburg in virtual reality. Today, we’ll explain Quintilian’s meaning for “the treasury of eloquence” as well as go back and see how the…

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Everything, Academics, Experience / October 7, 2016 /

The Mnemocity – developed since 2014 at the Salzburg Urstein Institut – brings together more than 2.500 years of experience in cultural transmission with state-of-the-art technology. We bring the antique Art of Memory back to the present by transferring the…

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Insights, Everything, Experience / August 30, 2016 /

I was asked by the Salzburg Urstein Institut to create four initials for the master programmes. As a basis, I was given the Salzburg Urstein Institut crest, which displays four symbols, each of them representing one master programme. The master…

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