Prof. Dr. Lothar Mikos

Director of Studies

The digital age has dissolved the boundaries of media markets on a global scale. Continuously evolving communication technologies and the corresponding changes in media usage and media impact create entirely new conditions for the management world.

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Our Lecturers

“Innovation is the key to prosperity and thus peace for tomorrow. We are committed to our vision of a better world, in which technology facilitates the future of humans”

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Müller

Founding President

“Culture means differentiation. To make a difference you must decide and this decision is an act of sovereignty. Talking about European luxury is talking about this sovereignty. It´s a way to make the difference.”

Dipl. Des. Gesine Gold

Luxury Brand Strategist & Communication Designer

“The future of the media is our future. We need to know which content is relevant to our customers - and in which context we address our audience. We have to know which media have a real impact and what our customers perceive. If content is king, context is the queen.”

Dr. Harald Henzler

Entrepreneur and Digital Media Expert

“Creating precise new products, services and business models with added value is no coincidence. We have tested the methodology and pattern of innovation success many times. Designing accurate anew can be trained, we do it”

Dipl.-Des. Oliver Gerstheimer

Digital Evangelist, Design Thinker & Actor

“Start with the self. It is the first place to grow change.”

Dr. Thomas Kurz

Intercultural Trainer

“Individual performance grows through inspiration and practice. Exercise is key to becoming the successful business partner you want to be. I will be your personal coach.”

Peter Arp

Director and Coach

“My expertise in the worldwide gaming market, will be one of my contributions, when talking about innovation, business development and intercultural negotiations.”

Georg Broxtermann

Business Development Director and Co-founder