About this workshop

On what do eureka-sharp insights in the service of innovation excellence depend? Is it advanced design thinking and cutting-edge brainstorming, or ideation? This seminar trains you in a rare and neglected craft of the creative mind.

Innovation Excellence:  What works, what doesn’t, and why.

Innovate frequently and alone – and you will do good. Do it in a team and you will do better. Do it as a project in a company and you will fail. Embed innovation into contemporary tubes of user experience, service design, business modelling, hybrid thinking, design thinking, open ideation, radical innovation or limbic (touch-point) marketing… and the same challenges and risks in ideational teams remain – whether the right or wrong idea is developed.

Million dollar idea!

Based on insights into good and bad practice, on the facts of human perception and cognition, and on the creative fundamentals of design theory and complexity management, participants will analyse the ‘mystery’ of the ‘million-dollar idea’. Within practical assignments, participants generate  their own million-dollar ideas – while getting to know formats that may guarantee sustainable ideation-excellence management.

Creating precise new products, services and business models with added value is not a coincidence.
We have tested the methodologies and patterns for innovation success many times. Designing accurately, anew, can be trained – and we do it.Oliver Gerstheimer

Learning Outcomes


  • Insights into advanced design thinking: tools, methods, process, philosophy.


  • Practice in ideation, prototyping-visualization and biz-journey mapping.


  • Idea mapping, visual journeys and tools for better management collaboration.
  • Understanding cognitive com-structures and visualization pattern for excellence teams.

Specifics on this Academic Short Course

Download all information on a one-page   on Managing Co-Innovation.


Two days


Next available course: from September/October 2017 (tba)


Salzburg. In House on request.


€ 2.500.- plus 20% VAT


15-18 participants


English or German


All our courses may be customised to your individual needs. 

Our Guest Speakers

“Creating precise new products, services and business models with added value is no coincidence. We have tested the methodology and pattern of innovation success many times. Designing accurate anew can be trained, we do it”

Dipl.-Des. Oliver Gerstheimer

Digital Evangelist, Design Thinker & Actor