About this module

This module offers key insights into the academic and job world in Europe, with in-depth information about the university system, the European Union in context of higher education and the job market.

European University system
Information about ECTS, the Bologna Process and EU regulations are vital for future students. Here we do not only explore the European higher education system, but highlight its long history of pioneering education. Research is an integral component of this history. Our future depends on the ability to find innovative solutions, and our institution offers a basis for comprehensive research. By highlighting some of the most relevant fields driving success – culture and performing art, neuroscience, media science and environmental science – we show how diverse research is today. Since student life is more than books and lectures, we will introduce the European student life, especially in Salzburg and Berlin.

Standpoint Europe, economy and employment
This  module  will discover the latest news on the economy and employment situation from the European Union. Experts will establish a general framework for informing and consulting participants as well as answering questions on skill-sets needed to be offered great job opportunities in Europe.

Gain insights into European culture, academics and the working world during the two lecture days in Salzburg, and explore four diverse cities and regions in Europe. Mozart, the Spanish Riding School, the Louvre and the Berlin Wall are just some of the destinations we’ll take you to. Extend your stay with a ski-trip in the Alps.

When:  30.09-07.10.2017 or  17.-24-02.2018

Booking deadline: 30.03.2017 or 17.08.2017

Where: Salzburg, Vienna, Paris, Berlin

Programme for 2017:  

Programme for 2018:  


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Our Guest Speakers

“Europe's cultural heritage is the blueprint for economic and political success. We are looking into the history to reinvent the future”

Prof. Dr. habil. Heiner Mühlmann

Head of Studies on the Culture of Europe