About this Course

The one-day course about storytelling offers both theoretical background and practice examples on Learning Histories and their application to cross-cultural learning. The focus is on unique intercultural learning histories: how Austrian and Chinese stakeholders perceived their interpersonal interactions in their divergent business contexts. Examples are based on in-depth interviews with key stakeholders from fifty or more organisations.

Learning from Experience

Learning Histories, an action-research approach coined by Kleiner and Roth (1996) at MIT, followed the authors’ involvement in activities surrounding Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline – a major organisational development reference. The approach seeks to learn from project experience, and discuss and incorporate its lessons into the organisation. This course offers the latest insights and practices based on these corporate learning challenges.

Cross-organisational Learning

Building on learnings within a single organisation, this module builds an approach across organisations, showing core principles based on interpersonal neurobiology, storytelling and organisational development in the context of interpersonal communications between Austrian and Chinese companies. Intercultural Learning Histories open the mind to diverse viewpoints, and facilitate intercultural understanding while opening a unique window to your intercultural workforce.

Start with the self. It is the core place to grow change.Dr. Thomas Kurz

Learning Outcomes


  • Understand Intercultural Learning Histories, their theory and practice.


  • Facilitation, didactics and reflection on experience.


  • In-depth understanding of experience-based learning within and across organisations.
  • Insights into how to institutionalise experience-based learning.

Specifics on this Academic Short Course

Download all information on a one-page   on Storytelling in an Organizational Context.


One day.


Next available course: February/March 2018 (details tba)


Salzburg. In House on request.


€1.100.– plus20%VAT(PP)


Maximum 15 participants



English or German

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“Start with the self. It is the first place to grow change.”

Dr. Thomas Kurz

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