The Salzburg Urstein Institut provides an unparalleled approach to memory and education using mnemonics. Today, we’re delighted to introduce to you our first-multi blog series on this topic. It will not only give you insights of the antique ‘art of memorising’ and how the Salzburg Urstein Institut aims at transferring this art back into the digital age, but it will also inaugurate one of our newest projects, which we’re very excited about!

In the next weeks, you will learn about Quintilian’s meaning for “the treasury of eloquence” as well as go back and see how the Greek and Roman rhetoricians used memory.

We will also introduce Simonides’ legendary creation of the art of memory – highlighting its relations with architecture and rhetoric. With the help of neuroscience we can underpin Quintilian’s remark on the exceptional reliability of our spatial and episodic memory.

Besides that, we will go into detail why a lived architectural surrounding is thus ideally suited for use in the methodical construction of artificial memory. MNEMONICS VI and VII present E.N.A.P, a structure of study. This structure has proven to result in the best possible levels of attention in the learning process – and it also facilitates learning. European rhetoricians have used E.N.A.P also as the art of speaking. Here, the speaker follows a specific structural general guideline, and thus guarantees the presentation of any given subject to be a convincing, captivating and memorable experience.

Finalising the blogpost with what our esteemed Professor Dr. Heiner Mühlmann calls “the illumination of learning”, the power of imagination and how it is a significant facet of memory.

On top of that, we have one further announcement at the end of this blog series, which we would like to share with you, so stay tuned!

Up next: MNEMONICS II: The Mnemocity:
We will introduce our Mnemocity, which has been developed since 2014 at the Salzburg Urstein Institut. Learn all about the Mnemocity and take your first step through the city of Salzburg.

Schedule of Posts on Memory

MNEMONICS II: The Mnemocity

MNEMONICS III: Focus on Memory – Treasury of Eloquence

MNEMONICS IV: The Art of Memory

MNEMONICS V: Memory and Architecture 

MNEMONICS VI: E.N.A.P. – The Art of Learning 

MNEMONICS VII: E.N.A.P. – The Art of Speaking 

MNEMONICS VIII: Illuminate Learning