Our research priorities envision collaborative, strategic solutions for a society that looks for open and respectful ways to live together. Our future depends on the ability to find innovative solutions, and our master programmes offer a basis for comprehensive research in the fields of culture and performing art, neuroscience, media science and environmental science.


Seeking a foundation for peaceful co-existence in a borderless and globally-connected world, our master programmes promote competencies in both intercultural dialogue and innovative sustainable action. Yet such interdependencies between cultures, media and ecological living confront us with new problems.

Massive complexity requires thinking and acting beyond convention, and so we persistently promote trans-disciplinary research projects that cross-link the differing perspectives.

Values and Principles

To bring together research and teaching, and to foster research collaborations with universities, institutions, companies and governments – these are our major research principles. And by consistently involving our students in research and development projects, we guarantee their efficient participation in the knowledge process.

Our appointment policy seeks to recruit the best scientists in the field, and because we systematically evaluate our research, we ensure the superior quality of our programmes.

New knowledge is published and shared in conferences, and our contract research leads to business start-ups, spin-offs, patents and licenses. We and our students strive to build an international reputation as a leading exponent of application-oriented research and development.

Applying Research Principles

Our curriculum development is based on the findings of TRACE, our research group co-founded by Professor Gerhard Blechinger. It specifically explores the transmission of cultural information and its storage in biological memory systems. Proceeding from neuroscientific research into memory function, TRACE aims to develop specific applications in diverse fields, including marketing and design. This in turn feeds the development of our curriculum.

Unique Network

From the beginning, a wide network of internationally-active individuals participated in the conception of the Salzburg Urstein Institut. We therefore attach great importance to mutual exchanges between students, research institutions and connected companies. Linking the fields of economy, politics, industry, science, research and arts, our unique network opens new doors for our students. It offers a platform for exchange among scientists and research partners at home and abroad, and enables our students to be part of international R&D projects, and to get a foothold in the scientific community.

Here is why we continually publish interdisciplinary and international research. We look forward to doing it with you.