You love to get deep into the matter, research and develop outstanding results?
Apply for one of our Master Degrees and receive an exclusive research scholarship from one of our partner companies!
This is how you do it.

1. Write an outstanding Motivation Letter.

The Motivation Letter plays an important role, as it is our first impression of you. Apart from
– explaining the reasons for admission for the programme of your choice,
– outlining specific talents and interest, as well as
– explaining why you are suitable for the postgraduate master programme of your choice, you
– mention what kind of topics you love to research about as well as
– explain your motivation and reasons why a company should finance your studies.

Click here, to get some tips on how to write a successful Motivation Letter.

We’ll be interested in your personal focus – what topics would you like to research about? We suggest you scan through the modules of your chosen Master Programme and ask yourself the following question: Which module interests you the most? Which topics might be relevant for you, your career and our partner companies? It is not about defining the exact research topics, but about giving an impression of what you like to think about, since we will then discuss which companies fit your curiosity and we’ll define a specific topic together.

Here are some examples for Master Thesis research topics:
1. The European term of time and its influence on the Chinese economy
2. Comparing opportunity for innovation in a cross-European context
3. The usage of Social Media in south Europe and its function in marketing
4. The protection of minors in the media context (FSK) in an international comparison
5. Which movie scenes work across cultures? Quantitative study based on eye-tracking and EEG
6. Building against erosion

2. Apply for the postgraduate master programme

As soon as you have uploaded your documents on our Admission Portal we will screen your Motivation Letter for the specific research topics you are interested in and match it with our partner companies’ interests. We’ll be happy to support you during the upload process.

3. Good Luck!

We’ll will confirm your application via e-mail, and get back to you within 7 days.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”Seneca