Dr. Harald Henzler is Founder and CEO of the smart digits GmbH, and co-founder of flipintu GmbH.
As a as product manager and managing director at the Carl Hanser Verlag and Haufe Lexware he has over 15 years of experience in processing and implementing digital business models.
He is a strategy consultant and experience in the development of digital strategy and of the change management process for publishing houses, companies, and museums.
For the analyzation of customers’ behaviour he is a trusted Limbic® Licensed Partner.
He is referee, seminar tutor, and moderator for the ‘Akademie des Deutschen Buchhandels’, as well as lecturer for the LMU München, Uni Krems, and Hochschule Würzburg, just as for the ‘Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels’
He published the book “Mobile Publishing. Enhanced eBooks, Apps und Co.“, which was released in december of 2013 by the publisher ‘de Gruyter’. He offers the influential weekly reports about the digital advancement of the market, published for the ‘Branchenmagazin Buchmarkt’, which you can find on www.smart-digits.com.