Currently working as:
Attorney-at-Law and Of Counsel at Law Firm GSK Stockmann + Kollegen/Munich/Germany/
University lecturer – Subject International Management at several universities in Germany
Supervisory Board member for a German automobile supplier in Germany and PR China

Key Competencies
  • Internationalisation Strategies & Processes/Inbound- & Outbound Investments Asia:
    Since 1997 specialized on strategic and operative management for large and medium-sized companies regarding all aspects of Outbound-Investments in Asia (Greenfield Investments, M&A, Joint Ventures, Restructuring, internat. Cooperations) particularly in the fields of production/ sales/ sourcing/ R&D/ technology transfer/ services.
  • Strategic and legal advice for Asian Investors regarding Inbound-Investments in Germany/EU; Management Coaching and Leadership Trainings for Asian Managers, Trainings on European Business Culture, Business Ethics and International Contracting/Negotiations and M&A planning and processes.
  • Corporate Governance/Compliance/ Business Ethics International
    Longstanding practical experience in Asia and own scientific research: my Ph.D. thesis on CROSS-CULTURAL STUDY OF EMPLOYEES` INTENTION TO COMPLY WITH A CODE OF CONDUCT.
  • Strong intercultural competencies as well as longstanding experience in international company leadership and project manangement: Set-up and management of 12 offices across Asia (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, HongKong, Hanoi, Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Bangkok, Mumbai, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta) for the international consultancy Rödl & Partner (between 1997 -2009; as responsible Equity Partner of the firm). As Head of the division Asia/Pacific staff responsibility for more than 400 employees from 21 different countries.
  • Longstanding experiencies in Business Development/ Internat. HR-Management/Organizational Innovations and IP/Leadership-Coaching

Professional experience
1997 – 2009    Attorney-at-Law, Head Division Asia/Pacific and Equity Partner at Rödl & Partner (law firm, tax & cpa firm); Set up and management of 12 offices in Asia (PR China, HK, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia) as well as selecting and monitoring of cooperation partners in Asia/Pacific der (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand).
Since 2009    Attorney-at-Law in independet practice
2010-2012    Of Cousel for the law firm Eiger Law (Taipeh, Shanghai, Hongkong)
Since 2013    Of Counsel for the law Firm GSK Stockmann + Kollegen, Munich;

Scientific Teaching
Since 2011    Teaching assignments at the following universities:
  • University Würzburg/Faculty Business Economics and Industrial Management/; since 2011 every semester two teaching assignments on Internationalization strategies Focus China/India
  • Universiy Würzburg/Executive MBA Programmes;; teaching assignments for the lecture: Legal Challenges in International Business
  • Technical University Nuremberg/Georg-Simon-Ohm Management Institute;; International MBA Programme; teaching assignment: Legal Challenges in International Business; Coachings and Trainings for Chinese manager delegations on Business Ethics, Business Culture and Leadership.
  • University of applied sciences Hof; Faculty of Business Economics and Business Law; teaching assignment in 2014 on Outbound Investments to India.
  • University of applied sciences Erding/Munich; several teaching assignments on International and Intercultural Management issues since 2011 Intercultural and International Management China, International Project Management: Managing Projects in China; International Contracting and International Negotiations;International Business Law and International Taxation; Lectureship in workshops for the personal development of students/key qualifications:Trainings on professional communication & presentation; workshop moderation, leadership & team development.
  • SDI-Language- and Interpreter Institute Munich/University of applied linguistics
    Teaching assignments on Outbound-Investment China and Introduction to Chinese Business Law

All teaching assignments either in German or in English.
Support of Bachelor-, Master or MBA-thesis papers.

2012-2016    International doctorate programme at University of Riga/Latvia, Field Management Science, Subfield Business Management. Topic of my dissertation: CROSS-CULTURAL STUDY OF EMPLOYEES` INTENTION TO COMPLY WITH A CODE OF CONDUCT.
Completion of doctoral degree: summer 2016

University education
1990-1994    Study of Law at the University of Munich
1995-1997    Legal clerkship in Munich und Bruxelles/Belgium
since 1997    Admission to the bar in Germany