In 1982, I received my Ph.D. in linguistics and phonetics from the University of Cologne. After a research project in the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, I started in 1983 a research and development project in the Clinic for Language Disorders in Bonn. That project was targeted at the development of computer based communicative aids for aphasic patients.

In 1985, the coming up research in artificial intelligence captured my scientific attention. Hence, I started a research and development project of an expert system at a start-up company in Bonn. My work was primarily devoted to the development of computer based media for acquisition and representation of knowledge. In 1987, I hired at the Society for Mathematics and Data Processing, Germany’s leading agency in computer science at that time. There, my scientific engagement changed to a special approach in acquisition and representation of knowledge, i.e. trainable neural networks, a domain currently known as machine learning.

In addition to these activities, I cofounded in 1986 the Workshop for Computer Media in Bonn. The intention behind this endeavour was the creation of computer based media in order to offer new avenues in artistic expression and cooperation in cultural work. Originally, the members of this workshop were recruited from the campus of the local university. With time, more and more enthusiasts from quite different artistic and cultural fields joined our work.

In 1997, I joined a team of researchers in the Clinic for Epilepsy of the University in Bonn. In addition to the neuroscientific work, I focused my activity there on the creation of new approaches in audiovisual cognitive stimulation for the neuroscientific research. Beginning in 2001, I pursued this activity at a start-up company in Berlin until I moved in 2008 to the Swiss Centre for Epilepsy in Zurich.